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Andrew Spruill - Founder - Game Speed Trainer

Andrew found his passion for fitness and training while serving in the United States Air Force from 2006-2010. Stationed in Ramstein, Germany, one of his duties included administering the military fitness test on every member of his 600 person unit. After separating the Air Force in 2010, Andrew moved to Boca Raton to pursue an education in Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University. While at Florida Atlantic, Andrew did an internship with Tony Villani at XPE Sports in 2010. After the internship, Andrew continued working with Villani and XPE. During his 10 years at XPE, Andrew helped prepare over 300 players for the NFL Combine, including over 50 1st Round draft picks. He also assisted in preparing over 400 professional athletes from several different sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, Boxing, MLS, Lacrosse and Tennis professionals. Several of these professionals were Super Bowl Champions, NFL All Pro and Pro Bowlers, Heisman Trophy winners, Gold Glove winners, World Series Champions, Boxing and MMA World Champions and many future Hall of Famers. During his time at XPE, Andrew was featured on several media outlets including CBS Sports, ESPN, NBC, NFL Network and TMZ Sports.


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Since XPE, Andrew has established Game Speed Trainer in Boca Raton, FL. While still working with professional athletes, Andrew’s main focus has turned to youth, high school and college athletes. Andrew currently trains over 250 student athletes per year from 14 different sports. Within these athletes, over 115 athletic scholarships have been earned including 65 Division 1 Men’s and Women’s scholarships.

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